Rocky Mountain Breathing and Dreaming

by on April 14, 2020

Arriving in the Canadian Rockies during a wonderfully dreary, drizzly spring afternoon.

Rocky Mountain Dreaming

Driving through the Rockies can bring on a myriad of emotions. This trip, I recall heading to the mountains to clear my head with my camera in hand and the open Alberta road in front of me. I was met with foggy, rainy conditions upon my arrival, yet it did the trick over the next few days. How could it not with the fresh spring air, roaming wildlife, powerful mountains and beautiful bodies of water? The power of the Canadian Rockies and photography knows no bounds, even with dreary, drizzly conditions. Especially with those conditions. I have never had rocky mountain regrets …

If there is an opportunity to go to the mountains, you just do it.

That Quarantine Life

Folks have been quarantined, or have been self-isolating, and practicing social-distancing for what seems like a very long time. At least a month for most. I’ve been doing this for ages because of an injury, so I consider myself to have gone pro long ago when it comes to the art of keeping one’s arse at home. Yet, the itch to head to the rockies with my camera in tow is ever so strong. Until I can safely do so (2021?), I have 3 photography things I am trying to do to keep me from going insane:

  1. Looking at old photos: that’s always fun to do, and is a step some photographers, myself included, find to be important to their workflow and further development in their craft. Or, let’s face it – it’s also to enjoy those gloriously daft, silly snaps …
  2. YouTube: I find myself binging older videos, especially from The Art of Photography. These days, without fail, I also tune in to Thomas Heaton and watch his weekly videos. There is a calmness he brings to his channel (his style of recording and editing, including music choices, all appeal to me). I look forward to his videos so I can temporarily check out from the stress of the world and watch someone on their beautiful absolutely stunning photographic journey.
  3. Conversation: after 7 years of co-hosting a photography podcast, wanting to discuss photography with others still comes naturally. I am just keeping it on a much smaller scale these days, usually one-on-one.

Carrying On

I have no clue what the near future has in store, which is kind of terrifying. Appointments are on hold … the world is on hold. Two things I know for certain; the pull to the mountains never disappears; and the wildlife calling the rockies home have never been happier with the reduced traffic and interference of those pesky humans.

… listening to: Johnny Cash. Always.

… flipping through books on wildlife and the Canadian Rockies

… craving ice cold drinks (Starbucks iced passion tango tea lemonade) and fresh air …

… counting the days until I watch The Rise of Skywalker for the first time …

Stay safe and healthy. See you in the field!


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