Shutter Time with Sid and Mac Podcast | Saying Goodbye

by on March 18, 2020

It was incredibly hard to walk away from a great podcast and even better co-host after 7 years and 200+ episodes in October 2018. It had weighed on my mind for many months afterwards, and it took a lot of time to ‘get over it’, as goofy as it may sound. So, I can only imagine it was even harder to permanently close the doors.

Since I never jumped on my site to say a proper goodbye after my final show in 2018, I figured this was a perfect time to do so now …

The concept behind the podcast was simple and incredibly organic, as it naturally evolved. As originally posted on our site in 2011 before the show was rebranded to Shutter Time Podcast (in 2019):

Our Shutter Time Roots | Est. 2011: After countless hours of conversations and a few shoots together, we realized we should be transferring our gift of gab to a platform where we can reach other photographers and photography enthusiasts alike. Shortly after our lightbulb moment and a virtual trip to B&H Photo, Shutter Time with Sid and Mac was born.

Tweeted snap of my desk as we were about to record an older episode of Shutter Time, June 2016.

Kasia, thanks for your awesome contribution to the podcast over the years, especially as co-host over the last year! It’s been wonderful to hear your thoughts on photography, and it’s also been really fun listening to you and Mac go on adventures as you took your listening audience with you.

A huge thanks to the many guests on Shutter Time over the years. You had shared your photography and your inspirational stories with us, our listeners, and it truly meant the world to me. We also had some regular guests on the show, and after a while, it began to feel like a family affair of sorts. From those who pitched in at the last moment when I needed you the most in the summer of 2018 (I am talking to you, Antonio M. Rosario, host of the photography podcast, Street Shots), to those who regularly answered the bat signal and more, we loved having y’all become a familiar presence on the show.

To our listeners, all of you, along with Mac, made the show super fun for me, challenging, always interesting, and you helped me grow as a photographer and as a person. Thank you for your time, your insight, your wonderful photography, friendship, and of course, your ears! I know during the first 7 years of Shutter Time, you were our driving force behind the show. To me, Shutter Time was a very special podcast because aside from the incredible photography chatter with other photographers, true friendships were formed, on and offline, even between listeners.

Last of all, but certainly not the least, a special thanks to Mac … thank you for our OG podcast journey. You challenged me weekly, brought me loads of laughter, and even when we debated, sparred and locked horns, I always walked away happy we got to do what the show was created for: a great conversation between friends. I’m proud of you for 8.5 years and 288 episodes of Shutter Time (plus that one bonus episode long ago, ha)! You kept the show going because of your love for photography, podcasting, and the listeners. Well done, you. You have done the show and its original concept proud.

Shutter Time with Sid and Mac | Shutter Time Podcast, 2011 – 2020.

See you in the field!

Cheers, y’all!


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