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by on April 6, 2018

Thanks to a post on, I was able to learn about Canon U.S.A.ʼs involvement and support of Yellowstone Forever, the non-profit partner of Yellowstone National Park. Straight from Canonʼs website“Funding for Yellowstone Forever assists with important scientific research and breaks new ground in conservation, endangered species protection and the application of cutting-edge science and technology that is essential to managing Yellowstone National Park wildlife and ecosystems.”

While I have been vocal about Canon gear frustrations from time to time on our photography podcast, I am thankful to companies who are stewards of corporate social responsibility and who are committed to wildlife/nature and environmental conservation initiatives. These are the brands I want to support, and I was glad to learn Canon is one of these brands and has been for some time. I encourage folks to watch this video if you are a wildlife enthusiast or even a supporter of Canonʼs products. When brands give money to support and often fully fund conservation efforts and studies, it provides opportunities for professionals in the field who may not have been able to further their important research and work without this outside financial assistance. Funding is critical to the work of wildlife biologists and conservation success stories.

Note: the original video has been removed, so below is a video of one of the important initiatives between Canon and Yellowstone National Park.

Speaking of wildlife, I have included a coyote photo very familiar to this blog because it was my encounter with this coyote I consider to be a turning point in my feelings towards wildlife conservation and human-wildlife conflict. Like many of us, I have been fortunate enough to look in the eyes of a wild animal, though it was looking in the eyes of this young coyote that changed the game for me. Whilst I have been a steward for wildlife and nature conservation for so long, he has forever changed how I look at the importance of, and critical need for, wildlife conservation, education and awareness. He has become my driving force behind everything I think, feel and do about wildlife, if you will.

I will let the articles tell the story (links below under resources), but I have not looked back since that moment and I keep wanting to do more to make an impact. Because of this, I do not plan on ever stopping my support for wildlife conservation initiatives. If anything, I need to bump it up and I will.

Resources to check out:

Thank you, Canon U.S.A., for your commitment to wildlife conservation, thank you to the biologists and researchers in the field, and thanks to that little scruffy coyote in 2012 who helped open my eyes.

“Without habitat, there is no wildlife. It’s that simple.” ~ Wildlife Habitat Canada.

See you in the field!


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