Spaca Moskalyk: Revisited | Alberta Deserted Structures

by on June 10, 2016

Spaca Moskalyk Ukrainian Catholic Parish

Isn’t she pretty? This one was taken shortly before sunrise during mid-autumn, 2012. I’ve previously shared the story about this church and her fate in a few older posts. In short, we headed out early in the morning so we could capture images of this old gal before she was to be destroyed. Due to media attention a few years ago and an overwhelming support to stop the destruction, she’s still standing tall.

Exterior of the Spaca Moskalyk stands tall during a mid-autumn dawn morning outside of Mundare, Alberta deserted structures. Copy space horizontal.

I’m on my way to pay her a long overdue visit with my camera!

Stay tuned for more images …


See you in the field!


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