Part II » We Are Alberta Photography | ATB Financial, 75 Years

by on September 12, 2013

Last month, ATB Financial celebrated a huge milestone — 75 years in business! Definitely impressive, so I was happy to have several of my images used as part of their promotional items. I blogged about this last month when the first image was released, and the other two were released shortly after. You can download the postcards on their site!


ATB Financial - 75 Years celebration, Out of the Blue Postcards-Jasper

ATB Financial - 75 Years celebration, Rural Alberta, Alberta landscapes, Alberta Prairies, sunrise, near Mundare, Vegreville, field, farmland


It’s no secret I am a proud Albertan and love nothing more than to spend countless hours being wandering our Alberta Rockies, watching the sun slowly rise or set over our beautiful prairies, observing our incredible wildlife or driving down those dusty ol’ Alberta dirt roads, looking for adventure with my camera in hand. I’ll always continue to do so and I definitely resonate with their ‘We Are Alberta’ slogan.

Congrats again, ATB Financial!

See you in the field!




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