We Are Alberta | ATB Financial, 75 Years & Going Strong!

by on August 15, 2013

I was happy to be contacted by ATB Financial to be a part of their 75 day long celebration in regards to their staggering milestone – 75 years in business serving Albertans! Of course being a native Albertan, plus a great lover of this province, especially our wondrous outdoors and strong community spirit, I jumped for it.

The Plains bison are an iconic species in Alberta, so it was fitting for ATB to incorporate strong Alberta images as part of their celebrations. Plains bison roaming at Elk Island National Park, where the tireless conservation efforts of the Parks Canada staff ensure these magnificent animals remain a part of our province for generations to come, is a wonderful example of what Alberta is all about.

I’m happy to work with them and have a quote by the great Jack Daines accompany my image. You can check out this image (and more!) on their FacebookInstagramTwitter, and you can download the postcard as part of their Postcards From Home series! Oh, don’t forget to check out the Edmonton Corn Maze this year, as they are also a part of ATB’s celebrations!

Thanks so much to ATB and Happy 75th, friends! Congratulations on being a successful Alberta institution!


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We all have an idea of what Alberta means to us. I know what my Alberta is, and I will be posting such stories and images in a couple weeks, but I’d love to know one thing — what is YOUR Alberta?


See you in the field!



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