Plains Bison Conservation Herd | Wildlife Photography

by on August 23, 2016

bison bison bison (scientific name)


We spent about 45 minutes not too far from each other – but at a respectable distance, of course. It was towards the end of summer, the bison rut was over and it was a hot, quiet morning. Sometimes when photographing animals, if it’s safe to do so, you just need to follow their lead and hunker down and take a load off – again, at a safe distance. That’s exactly what I did. I sat on the ground, leaned up against my car and just hung out until my presence, while always on his radar, wasn’t a hinderance to the routine of this Plains bison bull (bison bison bison) and rather just tolerated. The best way to learn about wildlife is to put your time in and just observe – no matter how long it takes.


Plains bison bull (bison bison bison) is grazing whilst lying down during a hot summer morning at Elk Island National Park, Alberta wildlife behaviour portrait.


He ate the entire time I was there, not interested in sleeping or moving about – just eating. It’s so fun to be around wildlife, even during the most chilled moments such as this.


See you in the field!


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