Annual Bison Rut | Plains Bison | Elk Island National Park

by on August 15, 2015

when a man loves a woman …

There is never a time where observing wildlife isn’t an amazing experience. At times it can even make us chuckle, even when it’s just nature being nature. As I’ve mentioned before, the annual bison rut is one of the most fascinating times to observe wildlife and this particular time was no different.

This large Plains bison bull was very interested in mating with this bison cow, and after pursuing her for some time, he finally got close enough and by sniffing her, he was checking she is receptive to mating. And boy did they do just that …

For over an hour, these two bison were part of a large herd which dominated the main parkway at Elk Island National Park. It was crazy cool experience and one of the most memorable in my books when it comes to witnessing wildlife behaviour. I’ll never forget it. This is what makes wildlife photography most rewarding – those experiences we have when around wild animals. Even better is when we get to share these images with others.

More photos of this courtship to come.


A plains bison bull sniff a bison cow to check if she is ready to mate during the annual bison rut at Elk Island National Park. Alberta wildlife.


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