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by on May 5, 2015

I’m a fan of simple apps, so I gladly welcomed Golden Hour by Exposure in 2014. It was as easy as it gets – you set your location and whether or not you want notifications of when golden hour is going to start – an hour before sunrise and two hours before sunset. It worked well because it’s so easy to get caught up with your day and for those of us who aren’t always near a window, the notifications were appreciated – especially the evening ones. I work out of several rooms in my condo and when working in my office, if I’m editing, the lights are off and the blackout curtains are shutting out all outside light, so it’s dead easy to lose track of time and the changing light. Not to mention I’m often working in different time zones for my safety work, so that’s another factor for me to consider.

A couple months ago I noticed my notifications started getting wonky – I’d get multiple alerts at once and they were way off – 4 or 5 hours before sunset, etc. A quick search in the iTunes store showed me this relatively new app was no longer available. Sad.


So why am I writing about an app that no longer works? Good question. I’m on the hunt for a new app which works for Canadian iOS users. This app was free, which I snagged from iTunes last June, but I would gladly pay a couple bucks for an app that sticks around. If I am traveling or heading to the Canadian Rockies for example, where having detailed and accurate information about light in areas I may not be too familiar with is critical, I’ll take a more in-depth app where shite gets real. But for a daily app whilst I’m at home, I’m hoping for something very similar to Golden Hour. Because I know the area around me well enough to know where I need to be and how long it takes to get there, I just need a gentle nudge to get my arse in gear because golden hour is right around the corner.

Not such a tough request, eh? However my research for an ideal replacement isn’t going so well, so here I am asking for help.

Screen capture of the now defunct Golden Hour app by exposure.

If you have an suggestions for a brilliant little golden hour app, please send me a tweet. It would be much appreciated!

Cheers, y’all!


See you in the field!



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