Cheeky Mother Nature

by on September 12, 2014

I’m heading back to Southern Alberta this month for a few days, which needs to be shot in a specific season (this one!), but Mother Nature had a different idea this week … Ah, to be a slave to Alberta wx!

This is a scouting image taken 53.5 weeks ago, and very shortly, I’ll be back in the area …

Cheeky Mother Nature, The Canadian Rockies between Pincher Creek and Waterton, with a side road during late summer with rich, fall colours, Alberta landscape. Copy space horizontal.

Here is what the area looked like 2 days ago, y’all:

Cheeky Mother Nature, Traffic Cam photo, courtesy of

Thankfully Southern Alberta’s freak winter-in-summer storms do not last too long and much of the snow has melted away 2 days later. As much as I love snowy photography, it’s not welcome for a while because there are a bunch of us with work to still do.

Big thanks to Alberta Transportation for their traffic cams, as I’ll be all over them in the next couple of weeks, along with the 5-day forecast from Environment Canada. Gotta love those free resources!

See you in the field, hopefully NOT making a snow angel.





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