Shutter Time Podcast Flashback | Moose Peterson, Y’all!

by on April 14, 2014

I received a lecture from my mum a few weeks ago about photography and blogging. We were chatting about a recent blog post where I wrote about episode 78 with Jake Peterson. She mentioned he seems to be a “nice, young man” and thought it was kind of him to blog about the show. I mentioned the only other guest we’ve had on the show who I believe did that was his dad back in 2012. Then she started talking about my interest in wildlife conservation and well, this happened:

After she corrected me with the number of extinct wild species he has in his files, she asked why I never blogged about the show. So I updated her as to why. My response to you all? Hmmm .. 2 seconds into the show and you’ll figure it out.

Since moms know best, here we go! Flashback to July 17th, 2012, when we recorded episode 35, folks:

Moose Peterson screen capture-podcast

I remain in awe of his presence on not only our photography world, but our wild wild. There are many things I learned from the chat with him, but I think I’ll just sum it up by saying he wants us to keep photographing our wildlife and sharing those images. Please have a listen to the show, feel free to laugh at all my stumbles, but more importantly, soak up all the wisdom and knowledge the legend behind the lens has to share with us …

Thanks again, Moose!


See you in the field. Probably stumbling over something else … heh.


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